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 I Wish I May, I Wish I Might
 Have The Wish I Wish Tonight !!

   I wonder how many of us have spoken those words while looking up at the first star of the night with our hands clenched together real hard wishing, wishing for something special.  I know I have!

    I wanted to do this page because I wonder what people would really wish for today, the 90's, as opposed to when we were little.  How would our wishes change?  As children, we wished for a million bucks, a pony,  or that someone special would like us.  As we grew older, we wished for more meaningful things. (World Peace, No Hunger, No Homelessness, No Diseases!)     I want to take all of this a step further, hence, the 4 wishing stars.

    Star #1, the Serious Wish. How about:  I wish we had a woman president, or I wish the politicians would get their stuff together and run this country better, or I wish there wasn't so much road rage, or I wish discrimination were a thing of the past,(come on people, deal with it!!)

    Star#2, the Humorous Wish!.  Let's see, How about all the men in the world remember to put the toilet seat down when they're done?  I wish someone would invent an easy open box of cereal, PLEASE!!!  My son says, I wish men and women could trade places someday, so women would find out what it is like to go bald, and men would find out what labor REALLY is!

   Star#3, Ahh..., the Romantic Wish! How about it ladies, wouldn't you just love to be waited on hand and foot, makeover done, perhaps a massage from a man called "Pierre?"  Or to the men, how about a wish that you could spend  time on a remote island with that special someone, surrounded by nothing but beach, sun, blue skies and your boat?   A wish perhaps, that you could run into your first love again!   Another nice romantic wish would be  to sit under the stars with your lover in a wide open meadow, blanket, champagne and lots of etc, etc, etc, etc......

    Star#4, A Wish Just For You! Make a personal wish, like I wish I could get into better shape and be the person I know I can be.  Or I wish my whole family could be together all at once.  Maybe you wish you were a blonde instead of a redhead.  Men could wish that football season never ended, and women could wish that football season never started, Ha Ha!!   I also wish that I could see into the past so I could meet all my relatives and see how they lived.  My last wish would still be, "I Wish I Had A Million Bucks!"

     These are just a few examples that either I thought up or my family did.  I'm very curious to see what your wishes might be, male or female, young or old.  Have fun making your wishes.  Be honest too!  You never know, your wishes may come true.

       A little about me:  My name is Deborah Benware, and I live in a small

town called Malone, in Northern NY.  I have a wonderful husband , 4 boys,

2 girls, and 5 grandchildren. I grew up in a small town called Toronto, Ohio where I graduated from high school in l969.  Later I met my sailor man, married, and moved from duty station to duty station in the Navy for over 20 years. I spent

many years in nursing from Navy Hospitals, to Army Hospitals, then after we

retired, I went into caring for the elderly. I have had a wonderful life so far, but

look forward to many more years with my husband, John, and hopefully lots more

grandbabies. Oh, we also have a female Tuxedo cat, all BRAT, named Bitsey.

Thank you for viewing my page, and making your wishes.  Please sign my Guest Book before you leave.  I hope you enjoyed the little tune also.  I can't wait to hear from you!!

Music is "When You Wish Upon A Star"

PS-My wish is for God to give my sisters Sue and Becky strength to carry on. I love you!

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